*Liz was dubbed 'The Watlington Whirlwind' by BBC presenter Phil Gayle. She was appearing on his radio show to discuss the numerous projects she was working on, when he came up with the apt moniker. That was in 2010 and she has been living up to the name ever since.

Liz (aka the Watlington Whirlwind)* has now started her own production company - M.B.Entertainment and currently has 3 shows in production:

Due to major spine surgery Liz has postponed Dating by the Book. She sends her apologies to all of those who were looking forward to watching the performance but says to 'Watch this space' as it will be happening in the furure.

'Dating by the Book'

Great British comedy farce written by award winning playwright Paul Ekert.

At The Kenton Theatre, New St, Henley on Thames, Oxon, RG9 2BP
(Dates to be confirmed)

Liz is currently producing and playing the leading lady in her latest feature film, 'The Wrong Goodbye' which is a black comedy about living with Alzheimer's, based on a play with the same name. The play was read by the Alzheimer's society who suggested it was made into a film to help spread awareness of the disease.

'Alzheimer's Society recognises the immense value of the use of drama to raise awareness of dementia. 'The Wrong Goodbye' invites us to consider the individual experience of one man's journey through his brother's dementia and is funny, moving and very real. We have little doubt that anyone who has been touched by dementia will relate to some part of the play and know that whatever their feelings, they are not alone.'

Cathy Baldwin, Alzheimer's Society

'The Wrong Goodbye'

Liz and the cast and crew of The Wrong Goodbye are raising funds to make the film and 10% of net profits will be given to the Alzheimer's society.

To view the trailer visit:

You can read more about the cast and crew and make donations by visiting: Where truly independent films are made.

You can also follow us on facebook:

The Wrong Goodbye - a black comedy about living with Alzheimer's

Please feel free to contact Liz via her contacts page if you would like further information about this project.

To find out more about the film and how you can help raise awareness about Alzheimer's and receive great gifts by donating to the project, please visit:

Inquisitive Pictures

This year Liz has appeared in 'Five-R' & 'T time!' 2 short films written, produced and directed by Inquisitive Pictures from Oxford and is looking forward to a very challenging lead role in a 3rd called 'The Visionary' in 2014.

Filming Visionaries was an amzing and challenging experience and the film has aleady had great reviews and is receiving some well desserved attention. In it's first festival it received - Best Editor, Best Cinemotography and Best Overall film, it has now been submitted to major festivals.

Click here for further details
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Henley Fringe

Liz Mente Bishop is an outstandingly talented actress (Oh yes, I'm supposed to write 'actor'!) I loved her interpretation of Lynn and her superlatively well-controlled journey through the play, "Being Dumped". Her sexy widow in "Being Dead" was spot on for innuendo and suggestive dialogue. The tennis coach had amazingly clear projection through her and the interplay with the other actors was a delight to watch. She excelled even her own high standards with the portrayal of the domestic T-42 robot equipped with several voices - including a brilliant cameo of Nigel's mum! The robotic speech, delivered with pin-point timing and the very best diction and projection, was a joy to hear. Once again she made characters who are not present - 'present!' How many males in the audience wish we could rush out and order a T-42! The hell with whether she's REAL or not. Total control of erotic performance (on stage!!) is a rare gift. So many actresses/actors just can't do that.

Current Projects
Liz Mente Bishop, aka the Watlington Whirlwind :)
Liz Mente Bishop, aka the Watlington Whirlwind :)
Liz Mente Bishop, aka the Watlington Whirlwind :)